What is Full-Spectrum CBD/Hemp  Extract?

Full  Spectrum  CBD/Hemp contains THC, though in most cases the levels are very low. This is because most CBD/Hemp oil is extracted from low-THC industrial hemp (Less than 0.3% by dry weight). Most companies selling CBD/Hemp online adhere to these standards. These low-THC full spectrum products won’t produce a ‘high’ when used at regular dosages. Full Spectrum CBD/Hemp has benefits over Broad Spectrum CBD/Hemp and Isolate CBD/Hemp. It is said that Full Spectrum CBD/Hemp creates whats called the “entourage effect” where you get the benefits of all the cannabinoids in the hemp plant instead of just the CBD. As a result of this, Full Spectrum products are usually what most people find to be the most beneficial to them!

Can Full-Spectrum CBD Make me Fail my Drug Test?

While Full Spectrum products are legal to sell and purchase as long as they come from the Hemp plant and contain less than .3% THC. There still is a chance you can receive a false positive on a drug test for marijuana. Just to be clear, there is not enough THC in legal Full Spectrum CBD products to experience any psycho-active effects. However because there are still trace amounts of THC in a Full Spectrum CBD products there will be trace elements of THC in your system.

What should I do if I Get Drug Tested but want to Take CBD?

Most drug tests nowadays are not sophisticated enough to detect that it is only trace amounts of THC in your system and will flag you for marijuana on the results. For this reason, we usually recommend that people who get drug tested either open a dialogue with whomever is administering the test and see if you can come to an understanding together, or you just avoid Full Spectrum CBD products all together. Broad Spectrum and Isolate CBD contain no THC and are your safest bet when it comes to taking CBD while being drug tested.

Where Can I find Full-Spectrum CBD in Connecticut?

Full Spectrum CBD products are available at Nature’s Gifts CBD in Avon, Connecticut. Nature’s Gifts caries a variety of brands including both Warner’s Best and Medical Mary. All the products in the store are pharmacist formulated and made using Co2 Extraction in an FDA registered facility. They are 3rd party tested and made at an industry leading standard.